Massage Therapy

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, that means allot more than just getting a sweat on in the gym. That is why we have developed an amazing team of therapists who all offer something unique and can assist you with;


- Relaxation 

- Injury Prevention

- Rehabilitation 


Check out our team below

Patricia Davis - The Relaxing One

Specialities include; Indian head massage, Deep tissue massage, and Reiki.


Price: £25 per 30-minute appointment depending on the treatment required. Please contact to discuss your needs.


Trish says; ''Massage is an essential part of mental and physical health. Anyone taking part in regular fitness activity would see greater progress towards there fitness goals if they took the time to allow the body to recover''.

Paul Kesrouany - The Clicky One

Spinal Therapist

To further compliment our treatment range, Paul has brought
to us the ability to offer spinal therapies. Paul can offer a wide range of treatments and solutions to you if you are experiencing pain/discomfort or looking to recover better form training. He is internationally qualified and experienced, having worked with clients on multiple continents. 

If you would like to meet Paul & see how he can help, just contact us below and we can book you in.

Vince Sanders - The Recovery One


Specialities: Sports Massage, Technique Correction, Enhanced Recovery


All treatments include; Full postural analysis, deep tissue massage, injury treatment, technique development (in the gym)


Using the skills I have learnt in my 10 years in the fitness industry, I can help you recover faster & exercise for longer.


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