Terms and Conditions


Please read this document carefully, it will discuss all terms relating to the use of the Dream Fitness facility. Failure to adhere to these terms could result in the termination of your membership.



Your 1st month's membership (and joining fee if applicable) are collected on the day you join the gym, and collected on the same date of each subsequent month that you remain a member. This may alter if you fail to pay on time when requested.


Payments are completed via a direct debit & are collected by Harlands Group on our behalf. Your payment to Dream Fitness will show as Harlands Group on your bank statement.



In order to stop this payment, you must inform us immediately by following our cancellation policy.

Please send your cancellation request to your gym; info@dream-fitness.com (Bognor) or selsey@dream-fitness.com (Selsey) with your name, the reason for cancellation, and gym location. We will confirm your final payment date & final gym access date upon receipt. 


If you cancel your payment without following our cancellation policy you may incur further fees. 


You are NOT bound by a minimum term and can cancel your membership at any stage, with a 1 month notice period required. You can request cancellation by speaking to a member of staff or using the email listed above. Your membership will be cancelled on the same date of the following month.


For example; if you are a member paying on the 10th, and you cancel on the 8th, your membership will stop on 8th of the following month.


You have the right to cancel your membership within 14 days from the date you joined. Should you cancel your Membership, proportionate charges will be due.  We will refund to you any Joining Fee and Membership Amount you have paid us but the Membership Amount will be reduced by the higher of (a) the one-day pass rate (for your gym access at the time you joined) or (b) an amount in proportion to the number of days between the start of your Membership and the date you communicated to us that you wanted to cancel.


Whether or not you have used the gym in this period has no impact on our cancellation/refund policy. 


Should you choose to re-join in the future, you would be subject to whatever the joining fee & membership price is at the time of joining.



As a 24 Hour gym, we take great pride and responsibility in maintaining a safe environment for our members. 


You will be given a personal pin code to enter the facility. This is for the sole use of the membership holder & must not be shared at any point.


Your membership entitles you and no other to enter the premises. if you are seen to be letting unauthorized people/ non-members into the premises, either with you or by using your pin, you will be charged a fine of £5, for each entry, & your access may be suspended until the situation has been resolved.


We offer a specific membership and single-use passes for boditrax. All members are entitled to one free scan as part of joining. Fraudulent use of this machine without having the appropriate membership or day pass will result in a charge of £5 for the single use, plus a £5 fine. 


This charge is NON-REFUNDABLE


Failure to co-operate with us could mean your membership will cease immediately with no written warning.


General Membership Terms:

Your membership entitles you to access the facility at designated times (depending on your membership type).


If we fail to receive your membership payment on time, you will receive contact from Harlands by email/text within 3 days of missed payment. Missed payments will result in an administration fee of £25.00 charged by Harlands to you. If you have missed the payment or think that you are likely to miss the payment, please speak to a member of staff who will help you. 


Consistently missing payment will result in termination of your account.


Membership Referrals can be done using your referall code issued immediately upon sign up (via email and within your Membr's area) and is active only when 14 days has elasped after your sign up date. Each referall equates to a FREE MONTH of membership. 


Price For Life is our promise to you that we will never increase the amount you pay (exclusive of VAT) for your membership over the lifespan of your membership. This is on the basis that you pay for your membership in full and on time each month/year & you do not cancel your membership or miss payment. Price for life is included in all full adult memberships & excludes all junior gym/concessionary memberships. 


Price Match Guarantee. We will match the membership price & service of any local (Bognor Regis or Chichester) gym on a like for like basis. For example, if you currently have a membership at another gym for less than our lowest rate we will match whatever access this offers you, as well as extra services such as classes, etc. We will NOT match a gym charging a lower rate but offering a substandard service. Just show us confirmation of the membership price you are on as well what this offers you to the gym you want to attend to be eligible. 


All members will be able to freeze their membership on request. Freezing will require 30 days notice & will mean that your DD will reduce to £10 per month for the duration of the freeze period. Access to the gym will stop for this duration of time. You may end the freeze period at any time by calling Harlands Group on; 01444449157 or by emailing c.service.ics@harlandsgroup.co.uk. This will allow you to retain your current price, protecting you from future price increases & will mean you do not have to pay a joining fee when you return. 


Pre-Launch Membership is available prior to the opening of any new site. These are offered to clients that have registered & require one single payment to secure. The direct debit for membership will then begin when the gym opens. Between signing up and the gym opening, the client will be able to train in our other gym locations. Between signing up and the new gym opening the client can change their mind and receive a full refund at any time. If the client has used the other gym and changes their mind they will be refunded the difference of what they paid minus the day pass rate for each days gym usage. 


You consent to and waive any and all claims in respect of, your image being recorded by 24 hour CCTV for security purposes and reviewed at our discretion by our employees and contractors.


You must use the gym facilities and equipment in the proper manner and you must consult a member of staff if you are unsure.


You will be liable for any damage caused to our equipment or facilities through your negligent use.


You consent to incidental inclusion in marketing photographs of our premises that we may take from time to time.


We may communicate gym and fitness related information to you by email.


Where possible we will be able to offer parking discs from the local council at an extra cost.


You will be able to take out a full membership from the age of 16, with no upper limit set. Junior gym services on a restricted time schedule will be available in some of our locations. This will be for peoples aged 12-15. Please enquire at your gym to find out more.


All instructors who work with Dream Fitness have been screened before they work within the facility, and hold all of the required qualifications to complete their role. You may request to see these if required.


From time to time, instructors may leave or be replaced, if this has a direct impact on you as a member, you will be contacted at the earliest possible convenience.


The gym floor will be supervised between set hours depending on the needs of the gym. Please check your local branch for staffed hours.


We will try to resolve all complaints at Dream Fitness within 14 days of notification. If your complaint is related to the gym, its members, or a service issue, we will work with you to resolve at the quickest possible time.


Some classes are free for members and DO form part of this agreement.


However, Certain classes are an additional service and NOT supplied by Dream Fitness. Please make sure that you are aware of which classes are run by Dream Fitness and which are not.

Your class instructor will have valid certification and valid first aid in place before they train with you.


The class timetable will be reviewed regularly, with alterations made based on member needs. We will always aim to give members an adequate notice period.


You are welcome to input into this by contacting Dream Fitness.


Classes held by private instructors will have their own offers, and you may request this information from them.


You may book into classes up to one week in advance unless you re


Cancellation of classes - we will strive to find a more suitable class as an adequate replacement, at no extra cost. We will not offer cash refunds unless circumstances are exceptional.


All personal training activities are an agreement between you 'the client' and 'the trainer'. The personal training service is absolutely nothing to do with Dream Fitness LTD.


PAR-Q must be completed by every client prior to commencing any form of physical activity within Dream Fitness. This will be kept on record, and you (the member) must inform Dream fitness if there are any changes to your health. Failure to keep us informed of developments of your health may mean that we have to cancel your membership.


Every member must complete a full induction. This will include a full tour of the facility, emergency exits, panic buttons, fire alarms, and how to use the equipment.


COSHH will be adhered to at all times, with all cleaning substances being stored and locked away from the gym floor.


Risk analysis will be completed on a monthly basis, and we will strive to deliver the safest environment for members.


You accept that physical training will always carry a risk of injury. We will reduce this risk by monitoring the facility and ensuring equipment is suitable for use. We will not accept any liability for accident or injury whilst in our premises unless it is down to negligence on our part. 


At times when the gym is un-manned, we advise that you train with a training partner. If you still wish to train on your own, we will supply adequate measures in case of emergency, but we will accept no responsibility for any injury/accident that may occur.


If you are suffering from an illness or injury during your time as a member with dream fitness, you must inform us, and take adequate steps in order to exercise safely.


Our equipment will be checked and monitored daily, to ensure it is fit for purpose. If it is deemed unsafe, it will be closed until it can be fixed/replaced.


At times when the gym is un-manned, you hold a duty of care to yourself and other members to inform the gym that equipment is faulty.


The gym floor will be equipped with CCTV cameras that will constantly monitor the premises 24 hours per day. 


Access to the CCTV video is strictly for use by Dream Fitness representatives and for compliance with all legal matters, should they arise. You consent to, and waive any and all claims in respect of, your image being recorded by 24 hour CCTV for security purposes and reviewed at our discretion by our employees and contractors.


Panic buttons will be positioned around the gym, which will alert our remote security team when the gym is un-manned.


Non-emergency related call outs will have a charge of £25.


Fire alarms will be fitted throughout.


Abuse of any security features will result in legal action being taken and a full banning order applied.


Assistance to helping others trespass on to the premises will also result in legal action and a full banning order.


You may store your belongings in the locker facility supplied. We do not accept any liability for loss/damage to items brought on to the premises.


You may bring your belongings in to the gym, as long as they do not cause a hazard to other members and are adequately positioned.


As long as you are a member & have paid your membership fee in full, you will be granted with access to the gym 365 days per year. The gym has no intention of closing, however from time to time; there may be a need to close the gym. If we are required to do so, we will inform members at the earliest convenience.

We reserve the right to alter our membership options in the future.




We do not discriminate against any disability and will do our best to cater for the needs of all members. Prior notification of visit to be supplied so that we can arrange to get you in to the facility safely.


Your safety and security is the most important thing for Dream Fitness whilst you are a member of the facility. Your personal details are taken for your safety and security. They are never shared with any third party and are safely stored within our membership software. All hard copies of documentation kept on site will be locked away in a secure unit, which will be accessible only to Dream Fitness instructors.

Should you wish to view the details we keep on yourself, you may request these at any time.


The information that we keep on record for our clients are strictly confidential and will not be passed on to and third party organizations. All payments made online are done so in a secure fashion, and the personal data (name, age, address, DOB, etc.) will be held in a restricted area, where only members of the Dream Fitness team will be able to access it. Clients can request to view any information we hold on them at any time, and we will be happy to co-operate.


From time to time Dream Fitness will run competitions for its members and public to participate in. The prizes on offer will be non-transferable & there will be no cash alternative.





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