The Dream Fitness Story

Dream Fitness was founded in 2013 by these two beautiful people, pictured on the right. Husband and wife duo; Gary Kellaway & Holly Kellaway.



Gary moved to Bognor Regis in 2008 from London to attend the University Of Chichester.



With two black sacks of stuff, I moved into student accommodation & started my studies. In sport, obviously. I met Holly at around the same time & although I was a broke-ass student, she loved me anyway.



My studies were all wrapped up by 2011 having worked in every local gym & built up mountains of debt that would make your eyes water. After completing my studies, finding a job was a real challenge & trying to attend the gym was even harder on a limited budget. I ended up in retail banking after three months of jobcentre appointments - what a come down after University that was!



In bed one evening my wife says "you're miserable, we're only in our mid 20's and we're living like we have nothing to look forward to". To be honest, it didn't feel like we did - I was in a job I hated, no future prospects, life sucked. 



Fast forward to the new year 2013 & this was when the idea of a 24-hour gym in Bognor Regis started to come to fruition. However, with no money, never running a business before & never even being a gym manager -  it was a case of being thrown in at the deep end. We started looking for premises, and there was one right in the high street that had been empty for some time.



Why not, let's have this one.


Within a few months the lease was signed (I had no idea what I was signing), we researched equipment, approached the banks for finance (the one time where lying was needed), and after a summer of challenges we were ready to go. Armed with even more debt, lots of enthusiasm and a passion for affordable fitness, we opened our gym, which was very basic compared to today's gym that you see.



Fortunately, our Bognor Regis community loved the concept & despite being a very basic facility (with no showers or changing rooms) we were allowed to flourish as more and more people joined. We had no idea it would scale up to the level it has so far, and in 2018 we opened our second facility in Selsey. 


The best feeling in the world is knowing that we are creating awesome value & career opportunities for our team. Out of our existing team, some were in jobs they hated & now have the opportunity to flourish in an epic environment. That's why Dream Fitness here & that's why we love the #dreamfitnesscommunity



We have no idea what the future holds, but one this is for certain...



Gary says: "Fitness and the gym are all I've ever known. Moving to Bognor from where I grew up gave me opportunities I thought I would never have, most notably; completing my University studies & meeting my wife. Dream Fitness is my life and being able to develop my brand of affordable fitness within the area that has given me so much is a real privilege. 


For as long as we are allowed to keep delivering our brand of fitness, we will strive for perfection on a daily basis as we try to WOW the #dreamfitnesscommunity

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